Influences Of Sports Magazines On Society

We never think how the world around us influences our decision making process. Sports magazines are no exception; unless we never read them, of course. We make comparisons; scoff if an athlete we don’t like makes any announcement countering our own thoughts or judgment.

Watching games, races bouts on television brings us face-to-face with the athletes and the events. Not so often do we learn about all the struggles that came with being the best. Journalists writing for Sports Magazines will often pick such human interest stories about athletes and report not only their successes but also their struggles. The ups and downs of some well-known baseball players, or a few boxers, for instance, would have to teach any reader that fame is not only fleeting, it can be downright cruel.

Casual Comfort:

A magazine will give us the luxury to interrupt reading and pick it up again two hours later at a more convenient time, right where we left off. We missed nothing. Not only that, we can read it again in a week or two should we need to clarify in our mind what the story purported. We can even take the magazine with us physically in order to make a point to a buddy who does not believe us.

With regard to those who believe that Sports Magazines are being replaced by the internet and television, we would hope that they are wrong. Sure, information can be distributed so much quicker on those medias but call me old-fashioned if you want; there is nothing like feeling the paper that we are reading, in our hands. Turning the pages to see the continuation of a good story is something the internet can’t give to you. It can give me a watered-down version with forward or backward arrows, but that’s just not the same. A good Sports Magazine will give a person all the information they want or need, packaged in one neat magazine so that they can pick and choose what they want to read or what picture they want to see first.


Sports Magazines are all about movement. Many unnamed couch potatoes may receive a subliminal message from these magazines. Seeing a magazine from cover to cover full of strong, trim, physically fit bodies dominating every page may make us take a good look at ourselves and our level of activity. Just looking at those athletes may give some people the needed punch to climb that hurdle, to catapult out of that easy chair. Ads in the magazines will tell us where we can buy the shoes that will give us the best traction when we speed down the fat-free food isle. We will find ads for the gyms, some of which may actually be in the neighborhood. Slowly, we may reset our mindset to getting fit and becoming more like our sports idols. No one needs to set themselves up for failure by proclaiming to becoming the next tennis star, but we certainly can push ourselves a little to become healthier.

WSOP History

Poker has been a game played by some people for many years and it only recently became popular in the past five to ten years. The first ever WSOP tournament was held in 1970 and there we’re only a handful of opponents back then. One of the poker players who were playing back then when it started was Doyle Brunson who to this day continues playing in the WSOP tournaments. He is by far the most popular and recognized poker player in the world and everyone who likes poker has heard the name Doyle Brunson before.

Throughout the 1970’s poker began moving around and being played more often by people, but it was still looked at as a sketchy activity at this time. By the early 1980’s more players had emerged and Stu Ungar became the third player to win back to back WSOP titles only after Doyle Brunson and Johnny Moss.

The 80’s seen a huge surge in the amount of players attending poker tournaments and many more legends we’re created including Johnny Chan and Phil Hellmuth. Both of these players hold ten more WSOP poker bracelets which puts them into the poker record books.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s the prize pool money never reached what it does today and now the winner takes home millions of dollars for winning. Modern day legends like Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer who both endorse have also become very popular as they’ve won the main event worth millions. All the young poker players today model themselves off of these main event winners and there are now tons of poker players fighting to become the next WSOP bracelet winner.

The tournaments went from a dozen players to thousands of players and now the tournaments take days to complete. Poker took over 30 years to grow in popularity, but now almost everyone has tried poker and there are over 10 million active poker players worldwide. It’s become one of the biggest sports in the world and you can even play on the internet nowadays. The early pioneers of poker could of never imagined that people around the world would be able to meet up on the internet to play poker, but it’s now possible and millions are doing it.

Since about the late 80’s early 90’s there have been a ton of poker satellite tournaments introduced to poker which allow players to enter huge tournaments by winning smaller tournaments. It’s a good way for any average person to be able to compete for millions of dollars in a massive poker tournament. Chris Moneymaker, a huge poker star, is a good example of an average guy winning over a million dollars on a $40 internet poker satellite tournament that he entered. Poker has been growing at an exceptional rate over the past decade and it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon and I expect the tournament to only get larger and worth more money. There is a huge history in the world series of poker that is almost 40 years old and it should continue well into its 100th anniversary.

Working For Sports Magazines

Is there a future in becoming a writer for a Sports Magazine? Many people today are of the opinion that Sports Magazines are on their way out. This is a totally unfounded assumption judging by their popularity by men and women alike. So long as there are specialty magazines, there must be writers to write the stories.

In The Beginning:

How does one become a sports writer? A writing career often begins early in life. High school is a good proving ground for would-be writers. Even if the school has no newspaper of its own, those with an aptitude for “word-smithing” can find wonderful outlets of their talent by being part of the year book committee or in after school creative writing projects. Local art institutes or community colleges often run programs tailored to younger participants. Once they enter college, it becomes more of a career path by choosing the classes to fit their interests. Many writers for Sports Magazines began their path in the school room.

What It Takes:

To be a sports writer for a big Sports Magazine makes a person almost a celebrity. Just think of all the enviable perks that come with the job. They are permitted into locker rooms right after a big football game has reached its glorious, or bitter, finish.

Those writers not only write what they hear and see, but also what they feel, what attitudes prevail among the team members. Only the sports writer, aside from the athlete or the coach himself, can truly observe what victory really means to the players. Money plays an important role, there is no denying that, but winning is in a larger sense an affirmation of their essential being and abilities.

Up-Close And Personal With The Athletes:

At the beginning of the football season, for instance, athletes have put much work into training. They endured deprivation of very simple pleasures that we, as readers, take for granted. At the culmination of all that training and self-denial, when the race to be the best places a team on the top, victory expresses itself in an incredible feeling of deserved exuberance. The sports writer must capture those emotions on paper and relay it to the reader, which could prove to be quite a challenge. Sports Magazines hire only those writers who can produce the most effective writing in order to keep readers buying their magazine.

So far, writers have done a superb job of keeping the readers interested and the sales profitable. There is no reason for Sports Magazines to stop their printing presses. If they do, it is probably due to extraneous factors or inside power struggles or mismanagement.

If the next Ray Barone wants to be a writer for a Sports Magazine, there is no reason not to pursue that dream. Good writers may prove to be the golden geese of Sports Magazines. Even though many young people lean toward becoming sports commentators, with certainly better salaries, there are those who are dedicated to being “just a writer.” Yes, there is a future in becoming a sports writer. Aiming to become the best writer possible may open the doors to a future in sports writing.

The Importance of Sports Magazines

How many sports fans are there in the Unites States? It can be safe to say it must be a large number. Magazine racks in the “everything stores” always seem to have a good selection of Sports Magazines available. Just about every sport imaginable is represented. The reader has but to pick and choose to become well-informed about who won the boxing match and why his strategy was better than the loser’s.

Don’t Forget The Gossip:

We also learn some inside stories, about how much money the athletes make, what they spend it on, who gets married and who gets divorced. In fact, Sports Magazines are the same as any other magazine, only with a concentration on sports. There are articles that are more than social pages, however. While not necessarily related to scores and teams, it will give the young reader a sense of what team work is all about. Reading about their favorite players, they will try to emulate what they understand of their heroes. Valuable lessons can be learned by reading about compromises and respecting each other.

Other Media Outlets:

Television and the internet have become sparring partners with the sports magazines, usually reporting any news faster and cheaper. For the superficial fan, that may be enough to feed his sports news hunger. For the dedicated fan, however, quick paragraphs reporting just the abbreviated facts, this will not do. Hard core sports fans need to have that issue in their hand. They also want to have the photos that depicts the moment of defeat or victory. They can’t do that with the internet or television. Sure, they will get that information to you but television will not let you have the centerfold of for instance, an Olympic Victory, that you can take from a Sports Magazine to hang up on your man cave wall or peg it onto your message board in your office.

Seeing A Slick Cover

There is just nothing like the anticipation of the proverbial swim suit edition of a well-known Sports Magazine. Males are salivating from primary school age onward to the nursing home to get that yearly issue into their hands. It becomes a collector’s item. It is being traded. It is being revered. The swimsuit edition can probably boast of just as many pin-ups of their swimsuit beauties as do some of the girlie magazines.

An American Icon:

Seriously, Sports Magazines are a part of America. These magazines are found in doctor’s waiting rooms as well as in libraries, at the auto shop, any place where people have to sit and wait for service. Missing a football game because of work or other time constraints can cause some die hard sports fans to suffer from imaginary apoplexy. The next best thing to curing this disease is without a doubt the Sports Magazines. He can read up on the scores, the plays, the misses as well as personal statistics of the players. In short, after reading in the Sports Magazines all that they have missed, they are just as well informed, minus visual effects, as the guy who actually spent hours in front of the tube. Reading Sports Magazines gives them a platform for sports opinions.

Seniors Of Poker – Tom Mc Cormick

The luck of the Irish or simply great tournament poker playing skills, call it what you will, but Tom Mc Cormick is not bothered about being tagged ‘The Shamrock Kid’ and neither does he feel offended at his gaming experience credited to a lucky leaf logo belonging to his family construction company. He knows that 19 cash game wins in major tournaments and a total of 83 cashes with 2 first place finishes are only a part of bigger things to come.

And if nothing else, ‘The Shamrock Kid’ is patient, focused on improvements and always hopeful about the future. So, this Fargo resident doesn’t rest on his ten final table appearances, but constantly works on improving his total tournament earnings of $1,247,448 and adding to his bankroll at

His earliest WSOP entry was way back in 1983 for the Limit Hold’em tournament and though McEvoy, that wasn’t the reason why Tom didn’t return to the circuit for another 8 years. It was because he was short of cash that he could only build his poker bankroll for the 1991 $2500 limit Hold’em event; however, it turned out that he ultimately fell short of the amount and only played the tourney in 1992. His persistence is commendable and so is his courage because Tom faced the tournament packed with highly experienced poker players and even amid solid competition, he managed to reach the final 18. It was a thrilling time for young Tom as he sat face to face at the final table with seniors like Phil Hellmuth, Hamid Dasmachi and Eric Seidel. Though he didn’t win, he did manage to cash in 3rd position and earned a neat $42,000 for setting the hook.

Ever since, he has not missed a WSOP though the coveted bracelet still eludes him; Tom dreams of earning it one day and continues working on his tournament games strategy, which he realizes must be fierce and a mixture of tight and loose play, depending on opponents as much as it is dependant on the starting hand.

Tom knew Hellmuth as the latter was a frequent visitor to Fargo where he used to come to play private games as a college student (prior to his WSOP championship win) and describes him as a ‘quiet kid’ who liked to play poker with a headset on.

Though he has not been as lucky as Phil Hellmuth at getting great cards (Phil got aces thrice at a final table event held in 1993 and the lucky streak showed twice in a 2007 tournament too) and another poker senior, Men Nyugen, held 3 tens that could have potentially busted Tom’s hand in 1995, but fortunately for Mc Cormick, he made kings.

His luck didn’t hold out for another week though, as his aces didn’t fare well against Costa Rican Humberto Brenes’ nines. The same deal followed with McCormick at a stud 8/better final table that Phil Ivey took by storm, holding A-2-3-4 as his first 4 cards and the pot was shared between Ivey and Robert Turner who had triple 6’s and earned his share of the pot fairly; Tom couldn’t catch anything at this event.

Tips for becoming a master bluffer in poker

There has been a lot of debate about whether or not poker is a purely skill based game. Quite a lot of players believe that poker is a game of bluffing since bluffing is the most important skill that any player should learn. Without learning how to bluff well in poker, it would not be possible for the player to really be successful in the game. The basic strategies are learned by all the players and they follow these strategies and play the strong hands, see the turn for drawing good cards and the fold their weak pocket cards before the flop.

While it is known that the general guidelines should always be followed when you are yet new at the game, you would not be able to be a skilled layer unless you know how to bluff magazine well. Given below are a few tips which will help you become a good bluffer.

Tips for new players

Players who are quite experienced at poker would be able to make their opponents believe that they have a good hand even when their hand is worthless. Even if you are a new player at poker, it would still be possible for you to make it happen. Bluffing in poker means being able to manipulate your opponents into believing anything you want. Bluffing requires some preparation and a little skill and there are two ways in which you can make this happen.

Predictable and consistent play

In order to set the stage for bluffing in poker, consistency would be required. You can arrange it in a manner so that you would be predictable to your opponents within the first couple of hands. If you have weak hands, fold and play safe. If you have a drawing hand, play slow but keep calling. If you have a strong hand, play it aggressive. At the beginning of the game, play as the rules are prescribed in the textbooks. When your opponents think that they know all about you, you can then bluff. You can get yourself labelled as a loose or a tight player at the table and accordingly set the stage for the game.

Play unpredictably

One of the best ways to play poker is to be unpredictable at the game. Unpredictability is the essence of bluffing in poker. A good player would always guard his gestures and reactions so that the opponents would not be able to tell what kind of hands you have. This way, they would not be able to know when you are bluffing in the course of the game. If you really want to bluff in poker, you should be able to keep your opponents guessing all the time. If your opponents would not be able to figure you out, it would not be possible for them to tell how you are going to play out your next hand.

Any good poker player would master the skill of bluffing. It can be a very handy skill that can allow you to maximise your profits even on some of your worst hands. It would also allow you to stay ahead of your opponents during a poker tournament.

Poker and Positive Expected Value

Expectation or expected value in the poker sense refers to the amount you anticipate to lose or gain on average for a certain action, whether it’s a hand or a bet. With that said, the term can be applied to other fields and subjects other than poker, such as a full career, an hourly rate, and so on. At any rate, expected value has a lot to do with poker in the mathematical sense. Sure, it’s arguable that execution and people skills are much more important than mathematical skills when playing high-stakes, expert poker; however, regardless of that point, all poker decisions remain mathematical, and that’s an indisputable fact.

Indicators of Expected Value

Whenever you play at poker stars with a bet on stake, each and every one of the circumstances and decisions made during that game have a certain value. Every now and then, this value becomes quite apparent to the players themselves. More to the point, let’s suppose you were having a one-on-one poker match and your opponent bets all-in into you once you’ve acquired the nut hand. It’s during this situation that you can accurately judge what your calling expectation is merely by counting the pot. Then again, these events are quite infrequent and rare.

Typically, players tend to think in terms of generalities, oversimplifications, and sweeping ideas so that their brains aren’t constantly bombarded by trivial and irrelevant details. For instance, Texas Holdem players have general expectations whenever they’re dealt AA on the dealer butter. On the other hand, you can get the opportunity to make specific, detailed estimations as well, such as during the instances when you’re dealt AA on the button while playing $20/$40 and one of your opponents raises first to act and everybody else folds to you and you possess two tight players in the blinds behind you; your expected value that is quite specific, if only for the fact that so many factors surrounding that event have many indicators to clue you in on the answer, so to speak.

Best Expectations

Regardless of whether or not it’s actually acknowledged, the mathematics behind these decisions still exists. In fact, it’s always there regardless if you’re aware of it or not. It’s changeable, controllable variable that can be influenced to be more (or less) in your favor, but it never does disappear all of a sudden. It’s the one constant in all poker decisions. Nevertheless, in poker, it’s quite easy to fall in the trap of doing the right actions for the wrong reasons. It’s also the reason why looking at the outcomes of individual hands is mostly an exercise in futility.

The main point that’s being put across here is the fact that the correct actions are always backed by the best expectation. For instance, if you reraise two opponents with seventy-two offsuit before the flop, and you were able to land a huge pot from KK and A2 when the flop comes 227, it is still the wrong action because the action has a negative expectation or value. Moreover, how you play can affect the expectation in your hands, and making a negative expectation into less of a negative one is a positive expectation unto itself. The main challenge that a poker player has to meet is discerning positive expectations, cultivating such situations, and reducing the occurrences of negative expectation.

Second Dealing in Blackjack

Second Dealing in Blackjack – Does It Really Work?

Second dealing is used in quite a lot of card games. Basically it is a method of manipulating the deck during the game by dealing the card which is second from top and not the top card in order to cheat. Second dealing is also very widely used in various card tricks and magic performances. The player or the dealer who specializes in second dealing is known as a second dealer, deuce dealer, two dealer or a number two man.

When Can Second Dealing be Used?

Second dealing only works and can be used only when the dealer or the player knows the value of the card which is on the top of the card deck. If the value of the card is known and if it would be useful to the player, second dealing would be done in order to reserve the desirable card for the player and avoid dealing it to the opponents.

Types of Second Dealing

When you play internet blackjack, there are several different types of second dealing methods which are used for cheating as discussed below:

Second Strike Dealing- In this method the dealer would push the card on top of the deck to the left and the thumb would remain in contact with the exposed second card. The dealer would then pull the card out and discreetly put the top card back in its original place.

Push Off Dealing- The right thumb in this method would be used to push the two top cards when they would be aligned perfectly as one card. Also, the left hand would then take the second card as the other card would be pulled up back on the top of the deck.

Third Dealing- In this method, the thumb of the right hand would be used in order to push the 2 top cards to the left aligned as one card. The other thumb would then pull out the third card which would be exposed while the top 2 cards would be put back in their original place.

Bottom Dealing- In this method the player would push the top card with the left thumb and the card at the bottom of the deck would be pulled under the cover of the top card which would then be put back in place.

Center Dealing- in Center dealing the dealer would be able to deal any card that he/she wishes from the center of the deck rather than from top or the bottom of the deck.

When these methods of second dealing are used with marked cards, the results could be undetectable. With marked cards it becomes easier to identify desirable cards and then the dealer or the player would be able to deal it from the deck. However, all of these moves are very difficult to pull off since they require absolute perfection if they have to be performed discreetly. In most cases, second dealing is only performed by dealers who are expert at it and can perform the trick without getting caught.

Internet Casinos Verses Live Casinos

Live casinos have been a source of entertainment for hundreds of years. Since the explosion of the Internet, it was only a matter of time before the casino business model found its way online. More and more players are finding themselves online, but what are the main differences between live and Internet casinos such as 888Poker?

The overall casino experience

Live casinos might just have the edge when it comes to gaming experience. Nothing can beat the feel of a big money casino and real money chips. The thrills as people around gamble thousands of pounds on lady luck. Internet casinos are a lot less personal – with the majority of them not having live dealers and poor chat facilities. Of course, there is the odd exception. However, it is safe to say none of them captures the same excitement offline casinos have.

Convenience of casinos

Unless a casino player is fortunate enough to live next to a huge offline casino, play is generally more convenient. An internet craps player can play online at any time throughout the day in any location that supports the Internet. Some players have to travel a decent amount of distance to end up in a live casino. The convenience of being to play anywhere almost instant is one of the many advantages that Internet casinos excel at verses live casinos.

Variety of games and venues

Most cities and towns will only have a handful of different casinos. This means that an offline casino player does not have a huge amount of choice of where to play. Some casinos will not host certain games or limits either. There are hundred of great Internet casinos now which means a casino player has instant access to a huge choice of casinos to play at with just one click of a button. They will also be able to find any game or limit imaginable online. This is something that offline casinos just cannot do for the most part.

Even the best internet casinos are never going to replace the traditional offline casino. There is something about the feel and excitement of a real casino that can never be replaced. With technology constantly improving, Internet casinos are doing a better and better job of providing a fantastic gambling experience for any player. There is no doubt that Internet casinos and live casinos both have advantages that the other cannot compete with due to their nature. In an ideal world, an Internet casino player would play at both so they can get the best of both worlds.

Mac Poker Rooms Launched By Many Websites For Wooing Mac Users To Online Poker

There is no doubt about the rising popularity of US online poker rooms as well as tournaments held across various levels, especially for the advanced poker players who are currently winning fascinating amounts of prize money beginning at $500 and going up to ten thousand dollars or much more at times! This is why poker players from all over the globe are happily taking to signing up for as many online poker rooms and websites offering bonus codes and feature-rich opportunities for big-game wins in the bid to strike it big themselves.

However, these mouthwatering amounts of prize money had so far only been limited to Windows PC users who could avail the services and attractive sign up as well as special bonus codes extended by the leading online casinos with Mac users striking out on these hot card game deals because they weren’t lucky enough to be a part of the highly competitive online Poker world. But, that was till a few years ago…things have changed a great deal with Mac Poker Rooms now being launched by many premier online casino websites with the objective of wooing Mac users to take to the highs and lows of poker plays!

So, one now hears of retired men, teen boys, young women executives and many celebrities too wanting to jump onto the bandwagon of serious fun as afforded by the latest poker rooms for clients of Mac systems who had been cut off from all the excitement till a few years ago.

A simple Internet search with the term, ‘Mac Poker Room’ or ‘best Mac poker sites’ will present more than 25 leads for various Mac compatible poker gaming sites in the US, for variations of the game, along with clear costs of downloading these to your PC. Prices range from $400 to $1100 typically these sites and one can also read about the bonuses and customer reviews before signing up for any of the leading names in Mac online poker rooms to know one is getting a legitimate deal when selecting a particular site.

Of course, the economics of the MS Windows machines using the original ICQ gaming software (text-based) and moving to more visually attractive graphical user interfaces (or GUI as they are called) by various poker sites was one reason these were the first choice for the gaming sites, but Mac users had long grumbled about being left out of all the action.

Well, who says grumbling comes to nothing ‘cause along came a software exclusively for Mac users so they could be where all the poker action is at – on their PC emulator feature that can easily be installed on a Mac, but this proved to be long and needless wait until there was a load uproar from Mac poker clients who wouldn’t stop popping the question, “where’s the solution customized for us?”

So, along came not one but 2 separate solutions for the problem – one allowed Mac users to use a download clients designed exclusively for Mac computers or avail no-download clients, which can be run in their web browser. Ever since, newer and upgraded versions for Mac clients have started cropping up, making downloads and installations of poker software convenient and quick for Mac users who may need to only un-block their favorite online card game from their firewall settings to enjoy a poker game as well as poker bonuses, within just half an hour of installing it.